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Who are we?

SALT & OIL is a new concept that wants to revolutionize the bath salt industry by delivering an innovative solution. The knowledge of positive impacts of bath salts and essential oils is ancient and our goal is to harness these natural resources for your benefit.

We want to create a totally unique product for each one of our users based on the information provided. We do not mass produce these salts because we truly understand that one size does not fit all, and we can also help the environment by reducing waste. 

Combining ancient knowledge and wisdom with modern technology and the finest ingredients, we have come up with a patent pending solution.

How we are different

Like fingerprints, each person has a distinct physical and mental personas. According to their medicinal qualities and constituents, the plants that produce essential oils are also divided into different groups by species.

To make personalized bath salts, we evaluate each individual’s unique components as well as their relationships in order to extract the best, harmonized oils for each individual.

What we are doing about it

With your basic information our database-driven technology can generate the perfect recipe for you in seconds.

A recipe is only perfect when you get what your heart desires. Good news! we allow you to change the recipe to your heart’s content.

Our Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer delivers a blended formula that’s unique for your needs and desires — whether you’re an infant or an adult, or a lady who may be expecting or nursing. 

Our responsibility

We refuse to settle for the status quo. Not in life, work, social responsibility and not in the products we choose to create.

And that is precisely why it has taken us almost two years to carefully choose and test every single ingredient in our products. And therefore, it has taken even longer to source the best, high quality, and sustainable packaging options to meet our high standards. We do not mass produce or overstock products because we simply do not tolerate wastage of these natural resources. We’re obsessed with all natural things and this includes our planet. That’s why all our packaging is derived from eco-friendly materials  

We’re here to inspire you to join this lifestyle. To continue raising the bar and making conscious choices for yourself, the environment, and the products you choose to use every day.

Our Promise


Customize the final recipe based on your preferences. Our ingredients information index will have all the basic information on all essential oils and salts. This allows you to decide what would be the most desirable blend.


We create custom blend formulas based on thorough research and understanding of all the ingredients and how they play a role in revitalizing your health. We have done the research so that you don’t have to.


All our ingredients are of the finest quality and ethically sourced.  Bringing you a product that is timeless, of the highest quality and yet still achieving the utmost simplicity.


Good news for all those who look after the environment, we do not stock products. Which means, we create no waste and provide a custom blend for you while saving the planet. Now you can genuinely feel good while taking a soothing bath.