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Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer

Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer

Our bespoke bath salts have been designed to be fully customizable so that you can stop buying the generic bath salts. At Salt&Oil, we look after your needs and ensure that only the best and the right ingredients are blended for you.

We have created a promising prototype which takes care of all your blending needs for you. From the information provided, the “Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer” creates a precise blend based on your needs.

This patent pending solution will be a game changer for the health and wellness industry. If you liked our idea, please take a moment to read more about it. We really appreciate it!

Our unique idea

Our bespoke bath salts were inspired by the ancient knowledge and wisdom of healing the problems using Yin and Yang to manifest Qi and the five elements of the energy stream such as Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Akasha. We study these oils based on previous knowledge and current research to create the most unique and effective blends for you.

We are also mindful of the naturally occurring blends and growth patterns and utilize this natural cycle to use ingredients that are available during that period to create the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

There here is no one size fits all
when it comes to your health



Find the most suitable product for your needs.
If you have any underlying medical conditions you would like to treat, please read more about QUURE.
If you would like to customize your own recipe please read more about YOR


Fill out your basic information and our Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer will extract a bespoke essential oil infused bath salt just for you.


Customize the final recipe based on your preferences. Our ingredients information index will have all the basic information on all essential oils and salts. This will allows you to decide what would be the most desirable blend.


For full body bathing, pour the entire contents of the canister into the bath tub and sit back and enjoy! We encourage you to get creative with adding flower petals or fruit peels to enhance the aromas and the benefits of the bath.