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Indulge with Salt&Oil’s QUURE bespoke bath salt which is specially designed to improve your specific health conditions


Made with 100% Himalayan Black Rock Salt which aids in maintaining good skin, bones and overall health.


Our “Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer” creates a custom blend based on your special needs.


Why we made this for you?

Today’s environmental influences can make it extremely difficult to maintain a perfect trifecta of health. Most of us don’t have enough time to exercise consistently, even though we know it’s good for us. Water alone can help us momentarily relax our mind and body. Adding natural essential oils to bath salt, rather than simply water, has a more immediate impact.

Formulated with Himalayan Black Salt from the Himalayas in Pakistan, this bespoke bath soak is designed to detoxify and cleanse your body in a luxurious way. With the combination of some downtime and this purifying body soak, you and your skin will be left feeling clean, calm and reinvigorated.


Healthy Skin and Hair Growth

Boosts Stamina and Metabolism

Helps Ease Stress, Anxiety, Headache and Insomnia

Anti-Microbial and Anti Inflammatory

Antioxidants Strengthen the Immune System

Bone, Joint and Muscle Relief

For All The Curious Ones

QUURE blends are suitable for people with a wide range of symptoms and diseases.

Please input your personal details in the recipe analyzer and we will create the perfect blend for you.

Use a handful in a warm bath, lay back and enjoy. For best results, apply Hand & Body Lotion all over post bath, whilst skin is still damp

Use the entire canister for a scintillating full body bath experience. You can adjust the dosage based on use. Please refer to the user manual provided with your QUURE.

It is recommended for people with a particular health condition specially designed to meet the specific needs of women, the elderly, and those with certain underlying diseases.

Please check the ingredients thoroughly before ordering. If skin irritation occurs, immediately stop using the product and see a medical expert if necessary.