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Bespoke Bath Salts - Immerse in Luxury

A game-changing personalized blend of perfumed Bath salts designed to give you power over your own bath experience.


Meet Bespoke

Changing seasons? An Upcoming Date? Changing health conditions? Simply want to relieve stress? No problem- just with a click, our Automated Recipe Blending Analyzer” will create a custom blend based on your special needs. It’s that easy

Aren’t we all tired of using the same generic bath salts created for the masses without the consideration of one’s specific personality, moods, fragrance choices and health needs, especially when the whole bath experience is for you to feel special, relaxed and luxurious?

Redefining bath salt experience

Bespoke is the world’s 1st customized Bath salt experience created with 100% Himalayan Pink & Black Rock salt specifically sourced from Pakistan. It’s patented system is designed to give you the power to create your own fragrances on demand by mixing and matching salts and oils to suit your various moods and health conditions. The precise blending system creates various essential oil combinations, giving you the ability to add one scent base into the mix to change the fragrance outcome until your heart’s content.


Select essential oils that suit your personality and nature cycles with a click.


Relieve the health problems with our research driven medicinal concoction.


Personalize, save and share them with your loved ones


Customize the final blend using our wide ingredients information index for the most desirable blend.


No waste, environment friendly & genuinely for you.


Automated blending recipe analyser (Patent No:10-2021-0048199)

Discover the right bath salt for you

Variety is the spice of life. Fragrances enhance how we feel and certain oils elevate our moods. Nature cycles offer harmony through the five elements of earth, wind, water, air and fire. We have done extensive research to study the benefits of the naturally occurring essential oils to the flow of the Qi in our systems, so that you can simply use our patent technology and find the best solution to your personalized bath needs to create harmony of mind, body and soul.



Meet Automated Bath Salt Blender

Our concept design, named ‘automated bath salt blender 1.0’ supports the making of ‘100% bespoke blending bath salt’ by retail vendors. Vendors can handle the device easily, and serve our unique bath salts according to the personalised orders. We believe this integrated solution can change the fragrance industry led by manufacturers’ massive production systems.

The perfect bath salt for every moment (YOR)

Today’s lifestyle influences can make it extremely difficult to maintain a perfect trifecta of health. Water alone can help us momentarily relax our mind and body. Adding natural essential oils to bath salt, rather than simply water, has a more immediate impact.

YOR blends are created specially to give you a unique experience. YOR stands for “Your Own Recipe” which allows you to customize and create the bath salt of your desire and immerse in luxury.

Simply input your personal details in the recipe analyzer and we will create the perfect blend for you. You can customize this blend to your satisfaction.

Quure - No more dilemma if it will suit your health

With ancient wisdom and scientific research our team has created a vast database of the medicinal properties of plants and the nature of healing the essential oils offer. Our research means you get the health benefits at your fingertips effortlessly.

QUURE blends are suitable for people with a wide range of symptoms and diseases. Simply input your personal details in the recipe analyzer and we will create the perfect blend for all your health needs.

How it works

Chances are you don’t feel the same every single day, so why should your bath salt be any different?


Select the correct bath salt for your needs.


Customize the blend to your hearts content.


Enjoy the unique bath salt made just for you.

We selected only the best for you

Each individual bath salt container has been matched perfectly together by ensuring the same oil and salt concentration, so that you receive the most unique personalized experience each time.


All the ingredients are 100% natural and sourced ethically from all over the world.


Become one with nature and feel the calm, while you immerse in luxury.


We do not stock, thus valuing these vital natural resources and minimizing waste.


Unlike other bath products, our products are chemical-free, bathe while you truly feel happy.


Designed with sustainability in mind

Each bath salt has been created with the best, 100% natural, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. The packaging itself is designed with eco-friendly and decomposable materials so no more guilt of polluting the environment when you purchase a “Salt & Oil” bath salt. Kind to you, kind to the environment

What makes Salt & Oil special? Patented Technology.

We put extensive efforts to assemble the best blend of natural essential oils and salts. But the real challenge was to collate and combine the ancient knowledge of over 70 different species of oils and their benefits into one modern database of a s0lution.

After years of development we finally succeeded with a final solution. The last challenge was to create an online tool which will allow our users to customize blends with ease. And we did it!

Featuring an online tool which will allow users to purchase their personal bath salt blends and a hardware for the future that will allow vendors to sell “Salt&Oil” at their own ease.

The result is the world’s first bespoke bath salt that is capable of delivering precise extraction of blends from each user and deliver at the touch of a button!

The Design

When ancient knowledge and tech fuses together, they create something unique. Salt&Oil started its design concept towards finding a perfect blend between Salts, Oils and their benefits to mankind.

At the core of the brief was minimalism, driving the initial form of Salt&Oil to be created from an organic shape representing the organic ingredients we use. It took a whole lot of iterations to get to the final one.

The Team

We are a bunch of essential oil and innovation enthusiasts, with serious business and entrepreneurship background. We love getting up every day and improving Salt&Oil! We are the happiest – when people love what we do and give us great feedback! The team is growing each day.

The core team starting the project are Mark Oh, Dong Gon Park and Joon Hee Chun. We are guiding and overlooking the whole project with our professional experience.

Dong Gon promised his wife the best bath salt in the world. Looks like he wasn’t kidding. Dong Gon is our head software and technology guy. He is our developer who makes software stuff work. Mark Oh is the inventor of the patent along with Dong Gon. Joon Hee Chun is a retired pilot of the Koran Army Aviation, a business partner and in charge of manufacturing.

…and a few more other external team members without which Salt&Oil wouldn’t be possible. We are all looking forward to all the great feedback and also the positive criticism, it’s really encouraging to hear how we can improve and take the next step of our journey. We can’t wait for the day that you receive your bespoke Salt&Oil blend.

The Challenge

When we researched the bath salt industry, we saw that people encountered many problems with them. The most prominent ones were: difficult time discovering the right blend for themselves, buying a bath salt and then not being able to return it if you did’nt like it. getting tired of using the same old bath salts, thereby creating the need for multiple bath salt to suit all their moods and occasions. The biggest one being, these companies mass manufacture their products and a lot of them go to waste as a result of sitting on the shelf for too long which in turn wastes the precious resources that were mined to create these products.

We played with the thought of how we could solve this problem. The final idea was born when we decided to use the ancient knowledge of these precious salts and oils and their benefits to treat bodily conditions and applying technology to create the exact ratio which will allow you to reap the benefits of these ingredients. We also looked at their natural cycles and only use seasonal blends to ensure we do not over utilise one particular type of ingredient.

With this knowledge, we wanted to create an advanced bath salt blender that would be simple to use. We teamed up with the most capable people in their fields we could find to make the tech work. We designed the tool to be as simple as possible. We also put a big focus on the design of the product so that it would complement the high-end product that it is. After compiling massive amounts of data, finding the right sources for our ingredients, countless tests and sleepless nights, Salt&Oil was ready to be shown to the WORLD!

The Name

Why the name Salt&Oil? We wanted to make sure that our name is a bold statement to what we do. We simply deal with salts and oils and that too, only the best available. We believe this name will guide us to stay true to our roots and continue to find better solutions to utilize the worlds precious natural resources.

Demo of the tool

Current technical demo of a user interacting with the Salt&Oil tool. Note that this is a work in progress, there are a few bugs and visual changes coming in the next version.


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Risk and Challenges

We are fortunate and grateful to have a strong team and we have professional partners for producing the bath salt, creating blends and the packaging. We have a functional prototype of the hardward and a working online tool(software). However, we do realise that life can sometimes throw a curve ball at us, and we’d like to shoot it straight to you on what we see as the potential risks along with our plans to address them.

Environmental and Social commitments

Here’s the good news!

If we reach our pledge of 3,000 units, we will be sharing our donations with a NGO of our choice.

In the case of exceeding the pledge, we think it is valuable to share our success with some more of our favourite NGO’s that help and preserve the natural habitat which will in turn help us preserve these precious resources.

We are true believers of giving back and keeping things sustainable so that the benefits can be enjoyed by all future generations to come.

Refunds, Returns and Exchange

Due to our product being 100% personalized, customized bath salt which is only created for you, we do not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges on items backed by crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo or our crowdfunding program.

We’re a small startup and intend to make a special place of experiencing your bespoke bath salt by crowdfunding platforms, not by traditional sales route.

And we believe this way is the best for us to grow our business since it’s a great chance and exciting to hear live feedback from you of sharing our rare, excellent products.

As you may see on our website, our 100% bespoke perfumed bath salt is customized for you only! For this reason, it is hardly difficult to sell it as stockpiling sales like other ordinary ones made with massive production.

Regardless of where crowdfunding platforms you’re backed, your funds are earmarked for running the production up and operation. As the campaign progresses, we constantly systemized our journey to improve the product and ensure a faster delivery to our backers.

We appreciate your deep understanding and generous support.

If the reward traded off for your funds isn’t helpful or satisfactory for you, how about using it in another way?

Try to donate it to others rather than return, refund, or exchange!

  1. Give it to a friend
  2. Donate it to whomever you think will be able to utilise the benefits of that blend.

While our 100% bespoke product fits with user’s data, it does not mean that the benefits of it cannot be enjoyed by others. We encourage you to read up on the benefits of the ingredients in our ingredients page of the website before using.

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